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While I was in hospital I was contacted by Apsara, a skin care company that create natural, vegan and cruelty free skin care products, asking if I’d like to try out a couple of their products. After having a little browse of their website I noticed that they create their skincare recipes based on ayurvedic principles which spiked my interest and I had to give them a go.

Apsara Neem Facial Cleanser

apsara review natural vegan neem skincare ayurvedic 3

I was really excited to see that I’d been sent the Neem Facial Cleanser for combination skin as I’ve been desperate to find a cleanser to sort out my strange post baby, problematic skin. Could this be the one?

A quick glance at the ingredients had me a little worried as it contain phenoxyethanol – a preservative often derived from natural ingredients and used instead of parabens. It’s a known skin irritant but is safe in very low doses. It has been approved for use in products up to a 1% concentration. But there have been warnings about using it around infants, especially breastfeeding infants, because if it’s ingested phenoxyethanol can be harmful. It is definitely something to consider and be aware of. – I decided that as I am no longer breastfeeding I would give this cleanser a go, but to be honest I am still nervous about products that include phenoxyethanol, and if I can find a similar product with out it, I’d rather go for that. The cleanser also contains a couple of surfectants (for cleansing) among other things, but the ingredients I was really excited to see were the essential oils of eucalyptus, neem and vetiver.

Vetiver beautifully nourishes and calms, and eucalyptus and neem are used to reduce excess oils. Eucalyptus I was a little worried, would be a bit too powerful for my mildly sensitive skin, but I was pleasantly surprised to find it was a low enough concentration to not bother me at all.

I thought the Neem Facial Cleanser had a wonderful scent, super refreshing and invigorating, the perfect start to the morning. You only need a very small amount, add a little water to encourage foaming (and to spread it that little bit further). I quite enjoyed lathering myself up, and actually I’ve been using this as a body wash too because I like it so much!! Out the shower my skin felt cleansed, but not completely stripped of all oils. Once it had completely dried, I did feel a little tightness… but luckily I had the Jojoba Facial Serum lined up to use after!

The Neem Facial Cleanser has one thumb up from me. I would use this once a day, but think more than that might be too much for my skin. I will definitely be finishing off the bottle, but not sure if I will repurchase as I would prefer a cleanser that didn’t contain phenoxyethanol.

Apsara Jojoba Facial Serum

apsara review natural vegan neem skincare ayurvedic

Now this facial oil I was super excited to try out! I am a HUGE fan of facial oils and have far too many just dotted around the house. I just love my facial oils and I seem to have one for almost any occasion, skin type, whatever, you name it. But I am always happy to welcome a new oil into the mix!

Especially created for oily or acne prone skin, the Jojoba Facial Serum is packed full of beautiful ingredients that come together to create a silky, lightweight facial oil. Neem, clove and turmeric essential oils are all incredible antibacterial agents – keeping acne at bay. Sandalwood, chamomile and jasmine essential oils soothe and calm – perfect for inflamed or angry blemishes.

The serum has quite a medicinal smell to it, which might sound strange, but I really, really liked it! The oil is slightly cloudy in appearance, and extremely lightweight. It sinks in beautifully, and I ended up using a few drops more than the recommended 2-3 as it disappeared so quickly into my skin. And to be fair, my skin can get very dry in places so needs a little extra help! I was really pleased to see that my skin was a lovely, dewey texture – not oily or sticky, which meant that makeup could easily be applied afterwards.

After a few weeks of use I did notice a big improvement in my skin. Blemishes had reduced dramatically, and my skin texture and tone was a little more even. The Jojoba Facial Serum get two thumbs up from me! Really liked using this, and it did make a difference to my troublesome skin. Would happily repurchase.

A Note

As a British blogger I do usually stick to British brands, for many reasons including air miles, and cost! After a few emails back and forth with Apsara I realised that this wasn’t the tiny British brand I imagined it was, it was actually a American brand, and slightly bigger than I had envisaged. The prices on the websites had cleverly changed to GBP – but it had thrown me off as it made me assume it was British. I was a bit sad as I’d been picturing this little romantic scene of Sheetal, the founder of Apsara, mixing up each batch in her spare room. And to be honest, once I’d realised this I was also disappointed that they haven’t made the brand’s look a little more modern. I do feel like it’s branding is in need of a little update. That being said, it does seem like a lovely brand, and I am totally smitten with the facial oil. So all in all, I am glad to feature Apsara on the blog!

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