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I’m really excited to share the Balanced Beauties post this month as I’m featuring one of my favourite instagrammers EVER. Alice’s account Alice & Peanut Butter is the place I go to feel happy about my body. Her posts are anti-diet, body positive and so, so good for YOU. As her captions were getting longer and longer, she has recently branched out and started a blog.

My current postnatal body is all soft, squishy and a little bit droopy, and I’ll be honest I’m really struggling with it.  Every day I’m feeling the pressure to quickly “snap back”, or at least to be starting to work my way back to my pre baby bod (which as most mums out there know, just ain’t guna happen!). But I’m finding sanctuary in Alice’s posts. She has totally inspired me to start thinking differently about diet, health and what is normal. I highly recommend checking her out. But for now, read on to get to know her a little bit more….

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My name is... Alice

I live in… Montpelier, Bristol and I love the area so much. Moving to Bristol from a small town in Cornwall felt like a huge step 7 years ago when I came here for University but now it definitely feels like home

Three things that make me happy are…

– Peanut butter

– Running

– Singing (I really want to join a choir this year)

I just realised I didn’t say my family, boyfriend or friends.. oops. If you’re reading this you’re all great too!

Right now I am thinking… How happy I am that I have given myself an extra day off in the week to chill. I’m the worst at putting too much pressure on myself so being able to do this has been a huge blessing.

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My favourite meal to cook is… An amazing cauliflower and blackened raisin korma from Meera Sodha’s recipe book Fresh India

My favourite restaurant/cafe is… That is SUCH a hard question because there are so many brilliant options in Bristol. I’m going to cheat and say my favourite place for breakfast is Ceres on Stokes croft, for lunch it’s got to be a roast dinner at Yurt Lush and for dinner it’s Korean bibimbaps from Dain Korea on Gloucester road . Oh and for cake it’s gotta be Ahh toots! in St Nicks market

I am currently reading… Creative Living by Elizabeth Gilbert. It’s really brilliant, I’d recommend it to anyone who wants to lead a more creative life or wants to pursue a creative career path

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I started Alice & Peanut Butter because… At first, my Instagram was set up to snap photos of my every day life and looking back that’s mainly nice food and gigs! Slowly it developed into something a lot bigger for me. I found so many inspirational people using it as a diary and sharing big things that they were going through so I decided to delve a bit deeper with the content I was putting out there. It’s been so useful in my struggles with anxiety/my relationship with my body & food and I’ve met some brilliant people from it too! I then didn’t want to be restricted to the confines of an Instagram caption so I created my blog. I’ve not been strict with what form I want it to take as it’s only a baby but it’s nice to have a bigger space to get down my thoughts.

Body positivity is important to me because… I am so sick and tired of the patriarchal society that we live in. I realised that diets were made as a form of female repression to make us think we should be smaller when in reality we are here to take up space. With the progression of social media and media in general younger and younger girls are feeling dissatisfied with their bodies and that’s so wrong. I spent a lot of my life trying to change the way I look but I finally realised that it’s the society we live in that needs to change and not the size of my thighs! I’ve gotten a lot braver recently with my body positivity content and that’s been pretty scary but it’s so worth it to recieve messages from friends (and strangers) near and far who are feeling comforted by my message

I am most relaxed when… I’m walking and listening to a podcast or I’m lying on my bed with lit candles and listening to acoustic music (I can’t get enough of Bon Iver’s a Capella version of Heavenly Father performed at the Sydney opera house..)

The best advice I’ve ever been given is… “Those who mind don’t matter and those who matter don’t mind”

My proudest achievement is… Starting my own business The Bristol Food Tour last August alongside my good friend Jo. It’s such a passion project and to see it go from strength to strength is a dream come true!

Thanks so much for taking part Alice! Definitely have a looky at her blog Alice & Peanut Butter and her business The Bristol Food Tour here, and it’s instagram here. They do vegan tours too (!!!!!!!) so as soon as I can handle a few hours away from the little ‘uns I WILL be going on one because FOOD.

If you would like to feature in my Balanced Beauties series email me at

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