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This month’s Balanced Beauty is lovely Elena, the founder of CosNatural – one of my favourite online green beauty stores. They are brilliant for all you clean, green AND vegan beauty lovers too as there is a WHOOOOOLE vegan friendly section of the site, for you to shop to your hearts content! They stock super awesome brands like Antipodes, Indie Lee, and Pacifica, among so, so many others. I love the fact that CosNatural is a family run business, I personally much prefer to support smaller businesses like CosNatural, instead of the giants! So when you’re next thinking of making a green purchase, keep CosNatural in mind 🙂


My name is… Elena.

I live in… Seaford, East Sussex, very close to the sea and surrounded by the rolling hills of the South Downs. It is a really beautiful part of the UK, with stunning coastlines, famous white cliffs and the breath-taking Seven Sisters National Park just a short drive away!

Three things that make me happy are… My family and my doggie are definitely at the top of my list, but only when they behave themselves 🙂 Good weather is another one and I am just so full of energy and life when it’s warm and sunny outside!

Right now I am thinking…that I don’t want summer to come to an end…I am definitely not an autumn person and I am not too keen on the change of seasons.

Recently I have been inspired by …41 year old gymnast Oksana Chusovitina from Uzbekistan. I was watching her competing in Rio this year and it was her 7th Olympic Games!  She is in such good shape and high spirits. It seems she is not planning to retire any time soon and we hope to see her again in Tokyo in 2020. Go, Oksana!

My favourite meal to cook is… Cooking fresh, real food is my favourite kitchen activity especially when making everything from scratch. I am a bit of a self-proclaimed soup “pro”. One of my best recipes is roasted butternut squash and red peppers soup that always comes out so delicious!

Green beauty is important to me because it means supporting small businesses with real people behind them and not the huge corporations. I think it also gives me as a consumer much more control over what I actually put on my skin and provides me with better value for money as green beauty products are mainly formulated with active, beneficial and high quality ingredients. On top of that there are so many truly inspiring people in the green beauty community and it’s such a pleasure to be part of it.


I chose the name CosNatural because…The idea behind our name is really simple. Cos is short for cosmetics and we combined this withnatural.  The name defines what the business is all about really well.

My top beauty tip is to get a decent amount of sleep. I always try to get a minimum of 8 hours of sleep a day as good rest can cure many things and really helps our body and skin to regenerate properly. It’s not only a top beauty tip for me, but an all-around wellbeing booster.

My beauty essentials are a good quality eye cream and sunscreen.  At the moment I love Indie Lee Calendula Eye Balm, as it is so rich and super nourishing, perfect for mature skin and helps to get rid of fine lines pretty well!  A good sunscreen is another must-have product for me. My favourite is Alba Botanica Green Tea Sunscreen SPF45.  It’s quite affordable, non-greasy and most importantly it doesn’t leave any white residue!

My best DIY beauty product is… I love oils, so they are always the main ingredient for all my DIY treatments. My favourite one is mixing Jojoba and Argan oils with a bit of lemon and rosemary essential oils for a great scalp treatment. This mixture really helps to balance oil production, prevents hair loss and accelerates hair growth.

The best advice I’ve ever been given is… I very often refer to Omar Khayyám’s quotes and poems for advice. It’s amazing that this Persian philosopher and teacher lived almost a thousand years ago but we still can learn a lot from his wise words. His best one for me is: “Be happy for this moment. This moment is your life.” I always keep it in my mind and try to appreciate every minute of my life.

My proudest achievement is… creating CosNatural. It took so much effort and commitment. Now that it will be almost three years old, I feel like I’ve managed to achieve quite a lot, learnt so many new things and met incredible people along the way. And most importantly I feel that there is still so much more space for improvement and personal growth!

Thank you SO much Elena for taking part. I’m going to be trying that DIY hair oil recipe when I start getting the dreaded crazy hair fall out after pregnancy!!!

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