Esse Probiotic Skincare

Cheapskate at heart I’ve never really invested much into my eco skincare routine. I use oil… for everything. It’s amazing, vegan, cruelty free and super natural (obviously), and there are so many base oils and essential oils out there, you can pretty much find one to suit any skin. But, since I’ve stopped breastfeeding and my hormones have changed, my skin has gone just a little bit bizarre. As much as I will always be an oil lover, I decided I really wanted to try some different cleansers and moisturisers and while having a little browse of the Love Lula website, the Esse products jumped out at me.

“Esse is passionate about skin science. Our products are inspired by recent breakthroughs that have changed the way that skin is understood.”

The entire Esse skincare range is certified organic, vegan and cruelty free. It can be a bit nerve wracking forking out for full size products from a new skincare range, but Esse have trial packs. These tins contained a full routines worth of mini products to suit a skin type of your choice. How satisfying is that!

Esse Probiotic Skincare – Trial Pack

I picked the Esse Trial Pack for Oily / Combination skin. This contained the Refining Cleanser 10ml, Gel Cleanser 10ml, Light Moisturiser 5ml, Deep moisturiser 5ml, Cocoa Exfoliator 10ml, Clay Mask 10ml and a leaflet with information on all the products.

£31 isn’t cheap, but is worth paying when you think you get to try out a decent amount of six high end products. The cleansers and moisturisers were the first to get used up, with about 6 or 7 goes in each. The mask tube contained enough for 4 good full masks. I found the exfoliator lasted FOREVER, but I think my fear of facial exfoliators might have had something to do with this!!

The trial pack really impressed me. I really enjoyed using all the products and actually ended purchasing both the Esse Refining Cleanser, and the Gel Cleanser. I felt the tin and products were beautifully presented, and could make a lovely gift.

Esse Probiotic Skincare – Refining Cleanser

“Esse Refining Cleanser is a lightly foaming clay wash that exfoliates while detoxifying. Bentonite clay particles act as superfine exfoliating granules while drawing toxins. Kalahari Melon oil adds essential omega-6 fatty acids to help maintain the skin’s lipid balance.”

The Esse Refining Cleanser was one of my favourite products in the Esse Trial Pack. It gave a lovely, deep cleanse, without stripping or drying out my skin. I’m not hugely into exfoliation, so the (very) gentle scrub you get from the bentonite clay was just perfect for me. Although let me just say again, it’s gentle! If you like a good scrubbing, you’ll want something extra (…hmm, their cocoa exfoliator maybe?!) It’s texture feels very much like a mask, and I have used it like one several times, to good effect!

It’s packaging was very special, and felt like you were really getting a luxury product – although not with such an eye watering price tag! However, I personally prefer brands to try and use as little packaging as possible, and really the box just isn’t needed.

The pump means little product wastage, and is handy in the bathroom. I’m a fan!

Esse Probiotic Skincare – Gel Cleanser

“African Aloe Vera exhibits anti-inflammatory properties and regulates immune function. Mild, biodegradable, plant based natural foaming agents create a luxury lather that feels refreshing and stimulating, but does not dry or strip the skin. Anti-oxidants, Rooibos and Honeybush aid repair and protection. Spearmint, Peppermint, Caraway and Rosemary deliver a very popular, distinctive fresh fragrance.”

The Esse Gel Cleanser is the perfect daily cleanser for my combination skin. The minty lather (which I have missed since only using oil cleansers!) was such a pick me up in the mornings, and my skin felt gorgeously clean, but not tight after using it. Esse do mention that you could use this as an all over body wash too, and they sell larger 200ml bottles if you did want to use it as one.

Like the Refining Cleanser it really does feel like a luxury product, with super smart packaging. The glass pump bottle is easy to use, although a little dangerous to leave in my bathroom (toddlers + glass = problems).

Esse Skincare

So all in all, I’m a pretty big Esse fan now! I use the cleansers daily, and am thinking about getting a moisturiser too. It’s so awesome to come across an entire range of skincare products that are certified organic, AND vegan, AND cruelty free… AND they work beautifully too.

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