Green Luxuries – Mahalo’s Rare Indigo

Next up in my Green Luxuries series, is Mahalo’s Rare Indigo Balm. This series of posts looks at the more high end green skincare and beauty products on the market… well the ones I’ve managed to get my hands on anyway! I’ll be giving my completely honest and impartial opinions on them all… and just to warn you I’m going to be pretty brutal with some of them….

green beauty luxury products mahalo rare indigo balm

Mahalo – Rare Indigo – 30ml – $110 (approx. £84)

Well let me start off by saying- I’ve already blogged about this!! Check out my post here.

Mahalo is an absolutely phenomenal brand, with incredible ethics, gorgeous ingredients, and more lust worthy products than you can shake a stick at. I was lucky enough to receive the Rare Indigo balm through the Beauty Heroes subscription boxes earlier this year. It was beautiful to use, melting into the skin and smelling absolutely divine. I felt so special using it each night, it was truly a treat, and each morning I’d wake up to lusciously plump skin.

However, $110 is quite the sum, and it took me just a couple of months to work my way through the pot – using it only once daily. Could I seriously justify buying it full price? I mean there ARE so many other gorgeous balms on the market that are much more affordable. But, I do think the Rare Indigo balm is in a league of its own. I truly believe it was worth every penny and if I had the money, it would become an essential on my bathroom shelves.

So this is a tricky one, I DO think it’s worth the money. But you definitely have to be in the position to pay for it in the first place, as it’s pretty pricey!


If you want a peak at some of the products I’ll be featuring in this series check out the pic below!!!

green beauty luxury products 2

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