Green Man: Skincare Routine Favourites

So Mr BBB has been using green, vegan and cruelty free beauty products (er, should I say male grooming products? ugh, nahh) for quite sometime now, and has built up a little collection of his favourites. I’ll be honest, he doesn’t use all the products daily, he is just still a little bit lazy in his skincare routine. But they do all sit proudly on his chest of drawers, which I find just a little bit cute.


Mr BBB has come a long, long way from using his stinky Dove men’s shower gel. Here he uses, a Wild Sage & Co soap bar. We both use it actually, as it’s the softest soap I’ve come across. I love that it’s locally made, and comes wrapped in paper – so no plastic bottles to get rid of! Hurrah! Our favourites are the Himalayan Salt Bar soap (this is slightly exfoliating as well), and the Mama + Baby (who say’s you can’t use that on a man too?!)

Shower Gel

If you aren’t so into bars of soap, Mr BBB and myself are both huge, huge fans of the Green people organic home energising shower gel too – I actually featured it in my summer favourites video last year – watch it HERE. Energising is the key word here, this shower gel is zingy, refreshing, and totally brings you to life in the mornings. Not forgetting this baby is EcoCert certified organic, and the ingredients are pretty gorgeous. Definitely one to treat yourself with.

Facial Cleanser

I’ve slowly been getting Mr BBB into face washes, although he does often just use his Wild Sage & Co soap, as it is gentle enough for his skin type. His favourite has to be the Esse Refining Cleanser* – totally stolen from me (read my own review of it here). He likes the texture, and the fact that it has little scent. The pump bottle also means little wastage, and it has lasted a long time – especially with us both fighting to use it!

Facial Moisturiser

Now this one was a bit of a slow burner. At first it was rejected because of the rosemary oil scent (apparently this was too close to the smell of a roast dinner?!?!?! Men are strange…) But the John Masters Organics Eucalyptus & Agave 2-in-1 Moisturiser and Aftershave* slowly but surely, became a firm favourite (even though it’s name is such a mouthful!) The super silky texture was beautiful, and it sank into the skin like a dream. No shiny faces here, just matte perfection. We did find that you need to work fast – no long facial massages rubbing this product in! But the end result is seriously fantastic.

Beard Oil

Mr BBB does have a bit of a beard going on, and often find it itchy and dry. A beard oil is a must here, and he usually uses it just before going to bed. He reviewed a huge amount of beard oils – see the post here. But he has since found something even more special. Isla Apothecary create magical products, which I was already a huge fan of. So it wasn’t really a surprise that their Nourishing Beard Oil* topped the previous bunch. Mr BBB has noticed less itchy skin, and softer, more nourished and conditioned hair.


Another product that has been tried and tested, and tried again – see here for huge post reviewing many different vegan, cruelty free and natural deodorants. The one that Mr BBB has gone back to again, and again, is the Natural Deodorant Co’s Clean Deodorant Balm*. All the scents are divine, but the Grapefruit + Mint is super refreshing for the morning. I know some people are put off my having to apply it with your fingers, but both Mr BBB and I agree that we don’t even notice having to do it now -it’s just the norm. The creamy balm melts in easily, and gives all day protection! Although the Natural Deodorant Co do also have Active Deodorant Balms – if you need something a little extra.


Mr BBB can suffer from dry, chapped lips in the Winter, but luckily he now uses the Hurraw Unscented Lip Balm* – which has kept his lips soft this whole season. And I no longer have dig around in my purse to find him a balm with no tint. Hurraw’s slim tubes easily fit into pockets or wallets. This unscented balm is not only vegan and cruelty free, but also nut-oil free too! Hurraw!!


As a past Listerine addict, I’ve been desperate to find Mr BBB a more natural alternative. Luckily I stumbled across the Organii Eucalyptus mouth Wash* on the LoveLula website. The taste is definitely not the same as Listerine, but does give you that super fresh mouth feeling, and the super huge 500ml bottle lasts a long time. We have both been using bamboo toothbrushes for sometime now, although I do still love my electric toothbrush too. Mr BBB has tried many bamboo brushes our and loves the Environmental Toothbrushes – which we found in our local ethical grocery – Better Food Co. He also loves the Stop The Water Whilst Using Me bamboo brushes*stocked in LoveLula. Mr BBB’s favourite toothpaste is easy – Green People’s Minty Cool Toothpaste*.

I am always on the hunt for more natural and vegan products suitable for men, to feature in my Green Man series. If you would like to recommend a product, or see something reviewed please email me at

Products with * listed next to them have affiliate links,  so if you purchase using the link I get a small commission, which is received with many, many thanks!

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