Juicing during pregnancy

Since the juice cleanse I did earlier this year (read about it here), juicing has definitely become a big part of my life! I just LOOOOOVE THE JUICE! We all know that juicing is a quick, and delicious way of getting awesome vitamins and minerals into your system – fast! I used to just bung in everything but the kitchen sink (I have even been known to play that well know game “will it juice?” – a game that is perhaps the grown up, healthy and useful version of “what will the microwave do to it?”… please tell me someone else used to play that? All I’ll say is, TINY CRISP PACKETS!!)  But since becoming pregnant, I’ve started becoming a little more aware of what I’m putting into my body, and why. A little research has meant that I can choose my juicing ingredients specifically to help my pregnancy needs. So here are my faves!


Beetroot is basically the star of the show at the moment. It’s full of vitamin A, and E, iron, potassium, and calcium among others, whilst still having a low glycemic content (which helps to keep blood sugar levels stable!) This super mix helps to boost your immunity, keeps your bones and teeth healthy, prevents anaemia, and regulates your metabolism. It can also help support your digestive system – preventing constipation, which is a big thing to watch out for if you’ve been put on iron tablets or are suffering from sloooooow digestion. It also contains folic acid, which is absolutely crucial for your growing baby’s development.

Cucumbers are fab for juicing when pregnant! They are mainly water so brilliant at keeping you hydrated and preventing that oh-so-wonderful water retention. Definitely one to include in your third trimester, so you can say bye bye to swollen ankles! They also contain sodium and potassium which can help to regulate blood pressure.

Celery is another super hydrator! Celery contains many of the B vitamins along with vitamin C, and also potassium, calcium, magnesium, folic acid, iron, and sodium. Celery juice is apparently very helpful if you are suffering with cystitis – which can be fairly common in pregnancy. This is because it helps to flush out excess fluids, whilst keeping you hydrated. You also get loads of juice from it, so lots of bang for your buck! 😉

Carrots are full of beta-carotene, potassium, magnesium, and iron! Carrot juice is AAAAMAZING for skin (unless you drink ridiculous amounts, as apparently this turns your skin a lovely yellow orange! Haha!) I’m betting that carrot seed oil probably appears in a few of your facial oils and products, as it has so many great benefits for skin. It’s also amazing for your nails, teeth and hair and can also help if you are anaemic. And I just really like them…. I like to think they make me more ginger… haha!

Apples… mmmmm apple juice. Apples are another one that can really help constipation, and because the juice is naturally so sweet, it’s fab for mixing with other, more savoury, constipation helpers. The sweetness can also help to kerb sugar cravings – not that I’d ever tell a pregnant lady to put down a bar a chocolate… but if things are getting out of hand, this might be a good option!

Spinach is rich in folates, iron, calcium and vitamin C and K – a winning combination for baby growing, and immunity boosting. And like I’ve already said… good for constipation… am I starting to sound a bit constipation obsessed?!? Sorry guys. :/

Ginger, mint or fennel are all brilliant at alleviating nausea. And I personally find them all great if you’re a bit parpy!!…haha! In other words, they help digestion.

This is just a tiiiiny amount of ideas for juice ingredients, but there are SO many awesome fruit, veggies, herbs etc out there. Think kale, lemon, parsley, coriander, broccoli, courgettes, parsnips, peppers, chillies… the list, and the benefits are endless!


Just remember:

1 – Don’t drink TOO much juice. It may be delicious, but it DOES contain a lot of natural sugar. It might be best to avoid juices if you develop gestational diabetes.

2 – Juice cleanses/diets are not suitable to do during pregnancy. You should drink juices to supplement your usual diet.

3 – Try to use only organic. Higher quality products mean more of the good stuff  (eg. nutrients, yum), and less of the bad (eg. pesticides, ick) But always make sure to give all your fruit and veg a good wash before you juice them WHATEVER you buy.

4 – Watch those gummies! Many pregnant ladies find that they suffer with teeth and gum problems. Be careful not too make your juices too acidic, or too sugary. Aiming to use more veggies than fruit can help. Also try to drink your juice in one sitting – and no, I don’t mean down it!! I mean try not to sip on it slowly over a long period of time. And brushing teeth or doing a bit of oil pulling (if you’re a propa good hippie!) after drinking your juice is probably a grand idea too!

5 – Smoothies are great too! These are a great way of getting fibre. And you can easily add ingredients such as chia or linseeds to get some essential fatty acids, and support your digestive system. Or even whack a bit of protein powder to help build that little body inside you!


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