Green Luxuries – Ila Body Cream for Vital Energy

The wonderful green beauty market is now overflowing with gorgeous choices, some products are cheap as chips, some are seen more as investments in your skin, or luxurious choices. And I don’t know about you, but sometimes it’s hard to work out whether it’s worth spending those extra pennies or not.

I find myself in the quite awesome position, of owning several of these pricier products. Not because I have been sent them – no, you can be assured right now that this post cannot be biased in the slightest as I have been lucky enough to win several, been given a couple, and get my hands on a few at discounted prices (ie through subscription boxes).

So I thought that I would create a little mini series of blog posts giving my totally honest and impartial opinion on these green luxuries – to figure out if they are indeed worth their rather hefty price tags!

luxury green beauty products ila body cream for vital energy

Ila – Body Cream for Vital Energy – 200g – £63

Yes, you read that right. 63 QUID for a body lotion!! Now as I’ve been lucky enough to work for Ila, I can actually understand why the price tag is this high… The ingredients are beautiful, and have been extremely carefully sourced. Each product is hand blended (to beautiful music and chanting!) by a small team in the Cotswolds. I’ve even been to watch them do this, and honestly it was wonderful. The ethics of the company are brilliant, and Denise, the founder is certainly a very special lady indeed.

But what about this body cream? Is it worth it? The texture is beautiful; whipped, non greasy, and easily absorbed. I love it. Although, when you consider the price tag I can definitely think of other, more reasonably priced products that feel just as lovely on the skin. The scent, patchouli, lavender, juniper, geranium and lemongrass, whilst it IS revitalising as the name might suggest, I do find it just a little overwhelming. It’s far too much to consider slathering my body in the stuff… I think I’d blow my head off! I find this a real shame as I do know that their Body Cream for Glowing Radiance has one of the most intoxicating scents I have ever come across.

Ila products are powerful, and people do seem to either love them or hate them – generally due to the scents. I would thoroughly suggest buying their travel sizes if you want to give any a go first.

I’d say this particular product just sadly isn’t worth it for me. Although on the whole, ila definitely is a luxury line I love.

If you want a sneak peak at some of the products I’ll be featuring in this series check out the pic below!!!

green beauty luxury products 2

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