MTPW: Science, nature and being “toxic” or “chemical free”

Ok so I’ll be honest… parts of the green beauty world are doing my head in at the moment. Scaremongering is rife, terrible, terrible studies are being used as “evidence”, everyone keeps using the terms “toxic” or “chemical free”. Bad science, BAD SCIENCE is everywhere.

This is what the internet is awful for.

I’ve played my part I know. I’ve got caught up in it all.. especially at the beginning of my “green beauty journey”. But I feel a little bit like I’ve seen the light now… I’ve found the science. The REAL science. Luckily there are brilliant pockets of information out there, you just need to do a little digging, and perhaps notice the sources of your information (this tends to say a lot!).

I really don’t like to see sides with this ridiculous idea of “science vs nature” in beauty. To me it’s all about using the best ingredients, that have amazing results, and that are safe to use – which in all honesty most of which will be synthetic. However that small amount that is a little less refined, a little more “natural”, these are the ingredients I love. But there are processed, perhaps scary sounding ingredients that are totally safe to use too.

I think the real reason I’m saying all this, is because I see a lot of judgements being made, from both sides of the fence, and it’s really not ok. At the end of the day this is beauty, it’s meant to be fun. If you think someones slathering themselves in a death cream just because it’s from Superdrug and not handmade at home, perhaps just either keep it to yourself, or open up conversation in a respectful way. Likewise, please don’t roll your eyes at someone using a certified organic, vegan, natural face serum, just because you think your bottle of matrixyl is better.

I’m really excited to start opening up my beauty blogger to more products. All my gorgeously simple oils and balms are incredible, but I’m also loving using acid toners and high percentage vitamin c suspensions and SHOCK HORROR chemical SPFs. I’m also really pleased to see that some of the “greener” beauty brands are starting to branch out and use ingredients like peptides and ceramides. Knowing that consumers are becoming more savvy, and realise that these ingredients aren’t something to be scared of.

I’m obviously still learning myself (aren’t we all), and I realise that I’m going to make mistakes, and perhaps get carried away with hype occasionally. But hopefully I will do so without judging others that have ideas different to mine – something that I’d really like everyone to do.

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