My Natural Pregnancy: How to survive the first trimester….

So you may or may not have heard by now that I’m pregnant! WOOOOOO!! (And…. AHHHH!!!! WHAT ON EARTH DO I DO WITH TWO?!?!?!?!!?!?!) I am now happily writing this in my second trimester… the first was actually horrendous. I think I managed to publish one blog post that whole time. (Sorry!) I felt miserable. So tired, sick, and absolutely chock full of raging hormones. (Hmmm, this blog post probably should be some sort of apology to all my friends and family that had to put up with the complete beast of a lady I became….Oops.) But a few little things helped me through this errrr “rough patch”, so I thought I’d share them with you.

So I started my pregnancy with an awesome attitude. A kinda, I’m going to be vegan, fit and healthy and show everyone just how easy it is to be this perfect pregnant woman. I researched good workouts to do. I looked up how to get enough iron, folic acid, and all the other essential vitamins and minerals you during pregnancy – purely through diet alone. I decided to quit refined sugar again. I started making spinach smoothies every morning and eating wonderfully balanced meals….

…..then it all went tits up. I started getting really nauseous, extremely tired and had this insane hunger… for biscuits. And I decided, you know what…. why not just treat myself for these few months. The first trimester is bloody hard work. Your body is making a whole new human being,  thats growing at this ridiculous rate. No one knows this, no member of the public offers you a seat on public transport, no one beams at your lovely bump. So if eating biscuits, watching endless repeats of RuPaul’s Drag Race and crying into cups of ginger tea make you feel a bit better, DO IT. It’s a couple of months (well… hopefully!!) So a bit of “time out” from being super woman is ok. TREAT YO SELF MUMMA! And try following these really awesome tips….


Tips for Nausea:

Apparently nausea can usually be one of two types – cold or hot.

Feeling sick, and slightly chills, and sensitive to cold, like you want to bundle yourself up? Try Ginger. Tea, BISCUITSSSSS, in food, anything you feel like you fancy. Ginger can help with appetite, so if you don’t feel you can stomach food, a cup of ginger tea may help you get something down you later! I personally loved fresh slices in fizzy water. However, if you feel sweaty and sick, sensitive to heat, irritable and stressed, try mint! Mint tea is probably the easiest way of getting this in you, but you could pop it in a smoothie, or I tried it in some homemade ice lollies! (They were kiwi, ginger AND mint…you know, just hedging my bets!!) Mint is also brilliant at helping digestive problems, so great if you’re feeling a bit bloated because that FAB slow pregnancy digestion. (I am currently the windy-est person in the WORLD because of this. Ernie keeps looking worried and saying “funny noise mumma?” HAHA!!!!)

I found travel bands hugely helpful too. You can get them from anywhere but mine were in this beautiful little mumma to be pack from Myrtle & Maude – which I’ve reviewed here.

Tips for tiredness:

I would say check out my WONDERFUL blog posts on how to wake up your body – part 1 & part 2 …. But they do include the word exercise – which you may not want to even see 😉 But I have found body brushing, and hot lemon water particularly helpful, so do click through to read more on those.


Also, sleep or rest whenever you can. You are allowed to! Give yourself proper breaks! I am terrible at doing things constantly, feeling like I’m wasting time if I’m not doing anything. Well actually, you are doing something. You are growing a HUMAN. So sit down and put your blooming legs up!! It’s ok to just watch rubbish on the tv night after night, and it’s ok to go to bed at 7.30pm. It’s also ok to ignore the hoovering and washing up. It probably isn’t ok to hide from your child in the loo for half an hour – although I did try. Also if you mention your tiredness to someone and they make this comment “you might feel tired now, but just wait till you have a baby!”… you are allowed to punch them in the face.

Tips for wellbeing:

Find something thats a treat. Did you know you are actually allowed to have massage and other treatments in the first trimester. I didn’t until my lovely friend, and maternity reflexology and massage specialist, Adelhaide explained it to me recently. Many big spas and salons won’t let you, but it’s just to cover themselves. So find a maternity specialist like Adelhaide and book out some time to relax! Check her out here.

Screen Shot 2016-04-11 at 15.06.21

If massage isn’t your bag, I highly recommend mediation ….or chocolate. 😉 I’ve been munching and munching my way through vegan choccy bars like there’s no tomorrow. My firm fave being the VEGO BAR. Although I’m wondering if this might change after being introduced to the delights of the creations of Doisy & Dam*.  Who add superfoods to their bars – you know, just so you can pretend that they are healthy 😉 . All their dark chocolate bars are vegan, but really the only one you need to know about is the coconut and lucuma bar. I apologise in advance, as I’m going to have to swear here, but BLOODY HELL is it amazing. Think maybe I’ll have to try about ten of the Vego Bar and ten of the Doisy & Dam bar and then I might be able to say which is best…

Walking is fab for your wellbeing during pregnancy. It’s incredibly beneficial, it can help your nausea and might even pick you up if you are feeling knackered. I did (attempt to) have a few walks every week for the first trimester – and this is a fab thing to keep up throughout pregnancy actually. And I don’t reeeeally mean walking to the shop to buy that Doisy & Dam bar. I’m talking getting out into nature and getting some fresh air into your lungs! It’s a great way of exercising without feeling like you’re exercising, or putting any stress on your joints.

Screen Shot 2016-04-11 at 15.10.44

Lastly, baths (and yup thats actually a pic of me, but it’s not my bath..booooo!!) Seriously a warm bath and a good book is BRILLIANT. As much as I love watching rubbish on the tv and trawling through instagram to relax… it’s really good to get a bit of screen-free time. Yup that’s right, I’m suggesting that you DON’T take your phone/ipad/tv(?!?!?) into the bathroom with you. You may or may not find that you get a few sleep issues during the first trimester. I for one found it incredibly hard to drop off once in bed, including that time I felt so knackered I googled “can you die from feeling tired?”. Keeping screen time to a minimum in the run up to bedtime is EXTREMELY helpful in counteracting this. And if you can turn everything off at least 30 mins before getting into bed EVEN BETTER. So why not use this time to have a chill in the bath with a good book? I thoroughly recommend reading anything by Caitlin Moran for big laughs, or Ina May Gaskin if you want some brilliant pregnancy related material. Crack out the Neal’s Yard Mother’s Bath Oil, light a candle from The Rose Tree, and pop on Skin & Tonic’s Coco Mask. And tell your partner that I recommend you do this nightly. 😉



*The Doisy & Dam bars were a very kind PR Sample, but my thoughts are completely my own.

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