Raw Vegan Treats from Fusion Cakes & Bakes

So my little boy, Ernie, recently turned two years old!! And this year we decided to get him the most beautiful handmade, raw vegan cake from Fusion Cakes & Bakes – a home bakery based here in Bristol, that specialises in “free from” sweet and savoury treats.

As Ernie is my “precious first born” he has never really come into much contact with sugar. But birthdays obviously mean one thing – CAKE. So really there was only one thing for it, to find a sugar free, vegan cake. HOWEVER, as a pregnant lady with a lunatic for a toddler and my own business to run, I really don’t have the time to be trying out recipes I’ve found on the internet, to find the perfect cake to impress my friends and family. Luckily I’ve been following Rosa, from Fusion Cakes & Bakes, on instagram for some time now. I’ve gotten to know her a little and have been lucky enough to try her cakes before. So I knew she could make something perfect for my little guys big day.

Fusion cakes & bakes raw vegan birthday 2

Fusion cakes & bakes raw vegan birthday 3

After a quick chat with Rosa and a bit of dribbling over the photos on her website, I decided to go for the Raspberry and Matcha raw vegan cake. I’ll be honest, because we have held back with the sugar, Ernie just isn’t hugely into sweet treats. So I knew that the cake would be more for the adults than for him… But he does love fruit, so I was thinking I could whack a load on top, and he would happily chow down on that and perhaps try a sliver of cake, while the adults tuck into the rest!

Fusion cakes & bakes raw vegan birthday 6

I picked up the cake frozen – meaning that it would last for a few weeks in the freezer, and we wouldn’t have to use it straight away. Although this did mean it was hard to get amazing pics of the beautiful colours of the cake. As by the time we defrosted it… errrrr… well.. lets just say the camera was pushed to one side and I concentrated on not handing out too much so that I could have AS MUCH AS POSSIBLE. Whoops! A good food blogger I would NOT make. And yep, hardly any lovely shots of my son eating a slice… and eat a slice or five he DID by the way!!

Fusion cakes & bakes raw vegan birthday 8

Fusion cakes & bakes raw vegan birthday 7

I couldn’t have been happier with the cake Rosa made. It was beautiful to look at, completely creamy, sweet and delicious, AND created using the most wonderful, healthy ingredients. I didn’t think Rosa could top her famous raw vegan carrot cake, but this was totally divine. And I can’t not mention how special and just lovely Rosa is herself, definitely have a chat with her if you can! She is certainly a queen when it comes to gluten free, vegan and raw vegan treats.

If you happen to be Bristol, or South West based, definitely check out Fusion Cakes and Bakes. And if you just like food… check out Rosa’s drool inducing instagram!!

I also might just add that this post is in no way sponsored! I just blooming love Rosa’s cakes and wanted to shareeee the love. 

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