Reviewed: RMS Beauty Swift Shadows

I’ve been lusting after the organic make up from RMS Beauty for a long time now. A long, long time. LONG. However, I’ve had to try my very best to avoid it as most of the line isn’t suitable for vegans. But then, late last year, the oh so talented Rose Marie Swift came out with a line of pressed powder shadows, her “Swift Shadows“. The colours are divine, the ingredients are beautiful, and they are totally suitable for vegans. Hurrah! so I thought that it was probably time I got my hands on a few colours and had a play.

There are 18 colours, which are split up (slightly confusingly) into six categories. Try “Enchanted Moonlight”  for purples, “Garden Rose” for pinks,  “Sunset Beach” has golds, “Tempting Touch” gets a bit more natural with browns and beige, “Tobacco Road”for brown-y green, and finally “Twilight Madness” for greys. I decided to go for the five colours that looked like they’d be my favourites… on paper.

Enchanted Moonlight EM-64


Described online as “plum/mauve”, but shown as a greyish colour, I was a bit confused as to what would turn up on my doorstep. I was pleasantly surprised to find that when applied it looked much more plum-ish, even purple if you use a wet brush. Dry brushes create a less intense colour, which almost reddy – a bit like what you can see in the pan above. My photo below shows my favourite way to wear this, swept across the entire lid with a wet brush, it looks beautiful!


Enchanted Moonlight EM-68


This shade was described as “pure violet/amethyst”, which I’d certainly agree with! Applied dry, this a beautifully subtle lilac. But when wet it creates such a shimmering violet, a real showstopper!!! I found this shadow to be particularly silky and easy to apply. Minimal creasing, and little fall out. This is certainly one of my favourites of the bunch.

Garden Rose GR-12


Again the online description of “dusty rose” is pretty spot on. The light reflective formula is hard at work in this shadow, creating an almost golden glint in some lights. I personally think this one is a little too subtle when applied dry. But a wet brush really brings out the rose, and the shimmer! This is super easy to wear with any make up look,  day or night. I think this will be the shadow I’m reaching for most often.

Sunset Beach SB-43


Described as “crushed pearl”, but shown in it’s pan as a glorious gold, I wasn’t too sure what I was going to get with this one either. I’ll be honest this was a little disappointing. Applied dry I can’t even see any!! I wanted to do swatches, but it was basically impossible to get it to show up on camera. Applied wet does create a beautiful, but subtle, VERY subtle glow to my lids. I can’t see myself getting much use out it really. Such a shame!

Tempting Touch TT-71


This is a “warm cocoa shade” – now I’m not sure what kinda cocoa they’ve been drinking over at RMS, but it’s certainly not the chocolatey kind I have?!?!?! I’ll let them off though as this golden brown is gorgeous. Dry it is a little too subtle for my liking. But apply it wet to get a super shimmery, shimmery, SHIMMERY creamy bronze. So easy to wear, this one probably come in second if I were to decide which shadows I’ve worn most. I’ve found this one to be particularly soft, the shadow easily broken in the pan. You can even see I’m missing a little corner in the photo, this just fell out with a little nudge from my brush. However, as it is so soft I’ve found that I can almost “re-attach” pieces that have crumbled out, by giving them a gentle push into the pan.



All in all, I was pretty chuffed with my RMS Beauty Swift Shadows. But I’d love to try more. I mean, there 18… it would be rude to ignore the others…..




*I received these products as part of the Love Lula Accredited Blogger Programme, but my opinions on them are completely honest and very much my own, as they are for every review I do!

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