Green Luxuries – Rodin Olio Lusso Facial Oil

This month my Green Luxuries post is all about Rodin’s Olio Lusso Facial Oil. For this series I’ve been looking at more high end green skincare, and have been giving my completely honest, impartial opinions on them. Basically trying to work out if they are worth their hefty price tags! So far I have looked at Ila’s Body Cream, May Lindstrom’s Problem Solver, and Mahalo’s Rare Indigo. Let’s see how this apparently “perfect” face oil from Rodin has fared…

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Rodin – Olio Lusso Facial Oil – 30ml – $170 (approx £130, although I’ve seen it for £105 in Liberty’s)

Well let me start off by saying… £130 for a face oil? Don’t make me laugh. I honestly cannot see how ANY 30ml face oil needs to be quite that much.

Maybe I’m being harsh…

…No. No I’m not.

I won Rodin’s Olio Lusso a while back, and I don’t think I really realised what I was receiving. I thought it was “just a nice face oil”, rather than an oil hailed as being one of the “purest” and “most luxurious” in the world. As I own far too many oils already I passed this straight on to my mum….. who passed it straight back. She described it as “overwhelmingly stinky”, and even tried to wash it off after applying it! I’m afraid to say I’m inclined to agree with her description.

I do think the branding is absolutely gorgeous, and I would certainly be proud to showcase this on my bathroom shelf. It looks elegant and classy. I was even quite reluctant to throw the beautiful Rodin box away. However, I think those are all the positives. (Eeek!)

I gave Olio Lusso a couple of weeks before I HAD to stop using it. It just reeks of jasmine, and my mum had it spot on with the word “overwhelming”. I have no problem with jasmine normally, but this is too much. All night I felt engulfed by this intense fragrance, almost like I had my head planted in a bunch of flowers. Even my boyfriend was asking me not to wear it and I ended up having to wash my pillow cases a good few times so I could finally be rid of the pong!

The oil itself is nice enough, but nothing to write home about. I find it doesn’t absorb quickly – which is why I stuck to using it at night. I have fairly oily skin, so I feel like for me it wouldn’t be a great base for make up.

I cannot get my head around the rave reviews for this online, perhaps the fragrance was messing with their minds? Or perhaps a big price tag really does just trick you into feeling pampered and special?

Well Rodin’s Olio Lusso hasn’t tricked me, I’ve used far superior oils for a third of the price (and less). All in all, is it worth it? Definitely not.

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