Vegan, cruelty free makeup brushes

I may have a beauty blog, but honestly, when it comes to makeup brushes… I don’t know a thing. (Well until recently!!) I decided that I can’t be the only one out there that’s a little intimidated by these tools… So I thought I’d put together a little mini series on my YouTube channel all about makeup brushes – cruelty free and vegan ones, obviously.

Because I really didn’t know much I thought I’d rope in an expert! A makeup artist. Lucy has worked on tv, magazines, she’s worked with celebs (and has a few interesting stories to tell!!) She has her own blog – Oh, Hello Face, and a YouTube channel, focusing on cruelty free beauty and a zero waste lifestyle. Definitely check her out if you are into all things eco!

I made two short videos with Lucy, firstly a little Q+A.



Then Lucy showed me how to create the perfect makeup base using makeup brushes…



Lastly, I have reviewed my top five cruelty free, vegan makeup brush brands…


Check the information boxes below the videos to find links to the products Lucy and I talk about. And please do feel free to ask me any questions you might have! I’m still no expert, but I really feel like I have learnt so much! So all thanks go to the lovely Lucy of Oh, Hello Face!

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